messengers of thanatos

The speaking subject can thus react to trouble not only through defensive parceling but also through slowing down–inhibition, denial of sequentiality, neutralization of the signifier.

Some immaturization or other neurobiological features tending toward nonintegration may condition such behaviour. Is it a defensive one? Depressed persons do not defend themselves against death but against the anguish prompted by the erotic object. Depressive persons cannot endure Eros; they prefer to be with the Thing up to the limit of negative narcissism leading them to Thanatos. They are defended against Eros by sorrow but without defense against Thanatos because they are wholeheartedly tied to the Thing. Messengers of Thanatos, melancholy people are witness/accomplices of the signifier’s flimsiness, the living being’s precariousness.

–Kristeva, Black Sun, “Psychoanalysis–A Counterdepressant”

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